Reason # 6: Hey Rooster General Store

Get ready y’all because Nashville is now home to the cutest little general store you’ve ever seen. It’s called Hey Rooster General Store and it’s conveniently located on Gallatin Avenue in East Nashville. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it  because it’s so darn adorable!

general store out

I am so privileged to know the owner, Ms. Courtney Webb, and got follow the development of the store via the Facebook page!/HeyRooster?fref=ts and on Instagram at @heyroostergal. On opening day, April 20th, I was just smitten by the whole atmosphere.

general store refrigerator

This refrigerator is a perfect home for the Boylan Soda that you can sip out of one of those balck and white striped straws!

general store sewing

Right next to the refrigerator are a variety of hand-made clutches and coin purses on a beautiful antique sewing machine.

general store bracelets

My favorite part of the store is the jewelry display! It includes these gorgeous bracelets made by Courtney herself and…

general store birds

these beautiful bird necklaces and…

general store necklaces

cool geometric necklaces and an assortment of rings!

general store rings

Just remember if you’re struggling to find a gift for that out-of-town friend this is the place to go. Courtney’s got items like these tea towels:

general store tea towel

and these adorable DIY Southern-themed plush “Hometown Friends”!

general store plush

Finally, Courtney has beautiful displays of bath and body products…

general store chapstick

and unforgettable snacks, treats, and condiments.

general store food 1

Basically, what I’m saying is this place is awesome. If you’re itchin’ for something sweet, something unique, something hand-made, or something totally Nashville you need to check out Hey Rooster General Store.

 general store card


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